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Written on : 2015-02-16

Please note that while this website contains a lot of great sexual health information for gay men in Ontario, some of the information is now outdated. The Gay Menís Sexual Health Alliance of Ontario is in the process of redeveloping this site into something much more dynamic, interactive and useful for all of youÖ.please stay tuned!

In the meantime,

When it comes to safer sex, gay and bi guys know our stuff. After all, our community invented safer sex, and studies show that we practise it the most.

Thatís why this website isnít telling you what you already know. We want to go beyond the basics and tackle more advanced questions gay and bi guys have about sex, pleasure and risks. Condoms are still the best protection we have. We talk about condoms, and also how to reduce your risk in other ways.

ē Isnít it safer on top?
ē Can I fuck without a condom if my HIV viral load is undetectable?
ē Are there drugs to prevent HIV?
ē Is it dangerous to party and play?
ē Who actually uses a condom when theyíre in a relationship?

You might be surprised at the answers. We just give you the facts and let you make your own decisions. We all accept different levels of risk every day, and thatís okay. What matters is that we have enough information to be comfortable with the risks we take. All of the prevention strategies in this resource contain elements of sexual health risk.

We put this information together because we care about our community - our right to health and our right to have a good time. We care about you.† We donít think you should have to choose between pleasure and health. In fact, we think you canít have one without the other.


The goal of this project is to create a print/online resources for informing gay and bisexual men on emerging issues in HIV prevention and transmission.

This web based resource is a product of this goal and was created by the AIDS Committee of Toronto in partnership with the Gay Menís Sexual Health Alliance and in consultation with an Advisory Committee of Educators from across Ontario, Canada.

About The Sex You Want Resource


This website is available in full, in both English and French. We consulted many groups across the province to put together this resource, including those who work with men who speak languages other than English and French. Based on the feedback we received from these men, the most pertinent topics for these communities have been translated into their respective languages on this web site.

ASO 411
Locate an AIDS Service Organization (ASO) or other HIV related service in your area.

AIDS & Sexual Health Information Line
We are a province-wide free anonymous service staffed by professional, multidisciplinary, and multicultural counsellors who offer assistance in different languages.
To speak to one of the counsellors, please call: 1-800-668-2437

The Mainline
The mainline deals with issues related to harm reduction, injection drug use, and needle exchange programs. This service is offered in many languages.
The Mainline: 1-800-686-7544

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